RTD’s Board approves contracts for downtown rail intersection reconstruction and project management support

RTD Staff

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) announced today its selection of Krische Construction, Inc. (KCI) to carry out a full-depth reconstruction of five rail intersections in downtown Denver this summer. Additionally, RTD selected Triunity, Inc. for project management support and consultant services to assist the agency’s rail reconstruction efforts. During their March meeting this week, the RTD Board of Directors authorized the agency to enter into the two contracts.

In early 2024, RTD sought proposals from qualified firms for construction and project support to undertake a multi-phased project to reconstruct miles of light rail track in downtown Denver. The near-term work will occur in four phases, with the first phase commencing in May 2024. The first phase focuses on five segments of track at street intersections in the Downtown Loop. Phases two through four of the approximately $152 million-dollar reconstruction project will occur in 2025.

This major full-depth reconstruction project is the first of its kind in RTD’s history. Between 2012 and 2023, RTD undertook 17 isolated projects in the central corridor to replace sections of curved rail, switches, crossings, signals and other rail infrastructure. This year’s project will leverage previous work done by RTD with time-specific closures to minimize the inconvenience to customers.

The project contractor, KCI, and project management support consultant, Triunity, Inc., will function as extensions of RTD by conducting project activities and supplementing specialized expertise throughout the project’s duration. For more than 30 years, KCI, based in Longmont, has been a contractor for transportation infrastructure and street renovation projects, including rail replacement in the Denver metro area. Triunity, Inc. now part of the Lochner group of companies, has previously supported other RTD projects and brings experience from other municipal projects across the region.

By RTD Staff