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At RTD, we strive for on-time service all the time. It is one of our highest Priorities. We are sorry that your bus or train was more than 30 minutes late. If the bus or train lateness was not caused by inclement weather, unplanned traffic or an event beyond RTD's control, we will send you a Free Ride Coupon. To be eligible for the complimentary fare, please submit your claim within seven calendar days of the service delay.

We do our best to stay on schedule, but sometimes your bus or train may arrive late. Delays are most often caused by situations that all road users in a large metro area will encounter. If your bus was late by ten minutes or more, or your train by more than five minutes, we'll research the cause of the delay and our Bus or Rail Operations team will use the information to continuously improve our service.

For all questions or comments regarding current service schedules or requests for new service, please email [email protected].

Every day, activities occur within our community that can affect our transit system – traffic patterns, economic factors, ridership and customer feedback. We respond by making changes to our bus and rail system three times a year. These changes help to improve our service by maximizing the efficiency of existing resources, reducing duplication of service, and making better connections with bus, rail, and specialty services.

For more information, please visit our dedicated web pages for service related information:

Service Changes Service Development FAQ

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