RTD Commuter Rail Tracks Access Policy

An RTD Commuter Rail Right-of-Way Access Permit Request Form must be submitted any time:

Stop! Do you have an Approved RTD Agreement in Place? All requests MUST start with RTD Real Property.

RTD has two commuter rail groups (see the Rail Map below)

Rail Map

  1. Rail Map 2020

Applying for CRT Access Permit

RTDC-NM (for the N Line corridor)

Before requesting a CRT-NM access permit, make certain you have the following:

Coordinate with the NM team to submit your construction request package (including vicinity map that clearly shows the NM rail and your work area, location of Areas A-D, the ADS sheet, and your Construction Plans) to Suncor, Zayo, and RRP for review and approval no later than 60-days prior to desired start date of construction, to accommodate:

Email [email protected] or call 303-299-2828 to coordinate your request.

If proposed work is in Areas A-D, you are responsible to acquire the following from BNSF and provide proof to the RTDC-NM group:

In order to apply for a CRT-NM Access Permit to be in or work on any part of the NM rail or project areas, you must email your request package to the CRT-NM group at [email protected]. It is your responsibility to request your RRP Track Allocation Permit. You must also attend a CRT-NM RRP Daily Game Plan meeting one full week in advance of your desired construction start date to coordinate your construction work with other work in the area and to request your RRP Track Allocation Permit. This meeting is held at 1:00 p.m. daily (NM’s Construction Yard Office is located at 8370 Steele Street in Denver, CO).

RTDC-NM Documents

  1. RTDC-NM Track Allocation Program (Rules, Process, Permits)

RTDC-EAGLE (for All A, B, and G Line Corridors)

Before requesting a CRT-EAGLE Access Permit to be in or work on any of the RTDC-EAGLE corridors, you must attend a monthly third party meeting at least 30 days prior to the desired start date for construction.

In order to apply for a CRT-EAGLE Access Permit, you must email a completed electronic RTDC-DTO Commuter Rail Access Request / Permit form to [email protected] or [email protected] no later than two full weeks prior to the requested start date for construction. In addition, you must attend the CRT-DTO Track Usage Rail Construction Meeting at least one full week before construction at the CRMF building in the Mezz Breakroom (typically held on Thursdays at 1:30 p.m., you must call 720-460-5803 or email to schedule your attendance). If no representative attends the meeting, the request will not be approved.

CRT-DTO Documents

  1. CRT-DTO (EAGLE) ROW Access and Track Usage Permit Policy Plan
  2. CRT-DTO (EAGLE) ROW Access Permit Request Form

Performing Approved Work on CRT (CRT-NM and CRT-DTO)

After receiving all necessary approvals, the work may be completed in accordance with the cautions and conditions indicated on the approved CRT access permit.

Work can begin when all personnel that will be in the ROW have completed the appropriate RTDC (NM or EAGLE) Safety Training and the certifications have not expired. The completed and approved CRT access permit must be in the possession of the work party at the worksite.

Proof of valid RTDC Safety Training must be provided the appropriate RTDC team (NM or EAGLE) prior to the required Construction Coordination meeting (Daily Game Meeting for NM or the Pre-Entry Meeting for EAGLE).

Railroad Safety Training