Right of Way - Agreements - Permits

Construction on, across, above, and below RTD Right of Way (ROW) and RTD Facilities requires procedures specific to several RTD groups.

Among these groups are ROW, Rail Operations & Maintenance of Way, Facilities, Safety and Security, and Engineering. To find the correct steps for your project, visit our RTD Construction Engineering page.

RTD Utility Agreement Request (UAR) and Utility License Agreement (ULA) FEES:

Beginning October 1st 2019, all Utility Agreement Request (UAR) Packages sent to RTD will require a None-Refundable NEW UAR Fee of $1,500. This UAR Fee covers:

After you submit your UAR Package, including Application Data Sheet (ADS) and Plans with Plan/Profile (PP), via email (to [email protected]), RTD Utility Engineering will assign your PROJECT UAR # and will start your PROJECT FILE. However, review of your request will not begin until RTD receives your UAR Fee payment (see mailing instructions below).

If you make design or construction changes after RTD staff has completed your review and approved your design, there will be a required REVISED UAR Fee of $750, and all work must stop until RTD reviews and approves the changes.

If you request a major change that requires RTD staff begin design review from the beginning (for example: complete change in project location or substantial changes during construction) RTD will consider this a NEW UAR which will require a NEW UAR Fee of $1,500.

Changes required by RTD during or after RTD design review will not cost an additional fee.

RTD Utility Agreement Request and Utility License Agreement Fee Schedule (2019)

These Fees do NOT include Fees for Safety Training, Access Permits, or Railroad Flaggers.

RTD is working on an electronic payment interface. RTD will update this section of our website accordingly when the interface is set up. Until that time, continue mailing checks to RTD as follows to make sure your payment is quickly and correctly applied to your project:

Mail NEW UAR and REVISED UAR Fees to:

RTD Utility Engineering

1560 Broadway Street, Suite 700

Denver, CO 80202

[Do not mail until RTD Utility Engineering Assigns your UAR #.]
[Make sure the UAR # is written on your Check.]

Mail ULA Payments to:

RTD Real Property

1560 Broadway Street, Suite 650
Denver, CO 80202
[Do not mail until directed by RTD Real Property.]
[Make sure the UAR # is written on your Check.]

Plan Ahead!

The RTD Review, License, and Permit Process can take several months to complete and approval at each step is not guaranteed. RTD receives many requests like your each month and we do NOT have an expedited-process option. The more specific and complete your request package, the quicker we can begin your application process. RTD staff is here to help you understand these procedures but it is your responsibility to follow each step through.

All Construction Requests MUST start with Preliminary Design Reviews by RTD Engineering. Only after RTD Engineering has reviewed your design and after you have made all preliminary design review corrections, will RTD Engineering give you the green light to officially submit to RTD’s Real Property.

Submit preliminary designs to: