Facility Access Policy

RTD Facility Access Policy

An RTD Facility Access Permit Request Form or BGAP Request must be submitted any time:

Stop! Do you have an Approved RTD Agreement in Place? All requests MUST start with RTD Real Property.

Applying for Facility Access Permit

In order to receive a BGAP to be in or work on any of the RTD property or facility, a completed electronic RTD BGAP Request form must be emailed to [email protected] no later than 5 days prior to requested start date for construction.

BGAP Request Form

  1. BGAP2024

Performing Approved Work on RTD Facility

After receiving all necessary approvals, the work may be completed in accordance with the cautions and conditions indicated on the approved BGAP form. The Contractor must notify RTD Facilities (Engineering and Maintenance) at 303-299-2977 prior to entering the site and again when clearing the site.