New SBE Certification Application

  1. Attachment

To be completed if you are a new firm applying for RTD SBE Certification for the first time, or if your SBE Certification has expired.

Recertification Application

  1. RTD_SBE_Recertification_Application_Packet_ob9t0j

To be completed if you are a currently certified RTD SBE and 6 years has passed since your last certification.

Annual Update Application

  1. RTD SBE Recertification Application Packet

To be completed if you are a currently certified RTD SBE. This must be completed annually on or before the firm’s certification anniversary date.

NAICS Code Addition/Remove Request Form

  1. RTD SBE Additional NAICS Code(s) Request Form

To be submitted when requesting a change to bid codes for an existing SBE certification.

Change/No Change Affidavit

  1. RTD SBE Annual Update Change-No Change Affidavit_Form

To be submitted with the Annual Update and/or in the event of any changes to organizational structure and contact information for an existing SBE certification.

Personal Financial Statement Form

  1. RTD SBE Individual Personal Financial Statement Form
  2. Personal Financial Statement Form Completion Self-Help Support

To be submitted with a New Certification or Recertification application, or on the request of RTD.

Prime and Subcontractor Payment Forms

  1. form-e_1_lpmb9l.xls
  2. Form_E-2_1_c8wi69.xls

Form E reports payments to DBE/SBE subcontractors and must be submitted monthly by prime contractors.

Form E2 reports payments received from prime contractors and must be submitted DBE/SBE contractors.