Joint Development of Real Property

Joint development of RTD’s real property can be initiated by RTD or by a private developer.

RTD Solicitations

RTD does not currently have any joint development Requests For Proposals out for consideration.

Unsolicited Proposals

An unsolicited proposal is a submittal to RTD on the initiative of a private or public developer for the purpose of obtaining a contract for joint development with RTD.

RTD has specific guidelines and requirements that apply to all Unsolicited Proposals.

Unsolicited Proposal Procedure Steps

  1. Initial Request
  2. Technical Review
  3. Unsolicited Proposal
  4. Alternate Proposals
  5. Impact Analysis & Review
  6. Committee & Board Review
  7. Exclusive Negotiation Period
  8. Review of Business Terms

The RTD Board approved the Unsolicited Proposal Policy for Real Property in December 2015. The eight-step procedure implements Part B of the policy and is expected to take anywhere from a year and a half to three years. RTD may, at any time, choose not to proceed further with the evaluation.

Unsolicited Proposal Resources

  1. Unsolicited Proposal Policy for Real Property
  2. Unsolicited Proposal Procedure for Real Property

Equitable TOD Policy

The RTD Board approved the Equitable Transit Oriented Development (eTOD) Policy in February 2021. This eTOD policy encourages affordable residential development for low income households on RTD property at and along high frequency transit stations and corridors. There are 5 primary elements of the policy:

  1. Affordability Goal
    Across RTD’s portfolio, and over the next 10 years, staff shall endeavor to reach the goal that 35 percent of the total residential units developed on RTD property will be affordable to low income households.
  2. Parking Replacement
    Where a new development will be located on an existing Park-n-Ride, RTD will determine the quantity of replacement parking required based on projected future parking utilization, among other agency considerations.
  3. Shared Parking
    RTD may consider opportunities for shared parking between transit
    customers and non transit customers.
  4. Expedited Administration
    Staff may waive internal processing and development review fees, minimize review times, and entitle agency property to attract developers and reduce development uncertainty, costs, and schedules.
  5. Negotiated Land Price
    RTD will operate within the bounds of its existing statutory requirements to allow reductions in purchase price or rent in exchange for affordable housing development or other benefits to the agency.

Equitable TOD Policy Resources

  1. Equitable Transit Oriented Development (eTOD) Policy

Contact the TOD Group

For more information about working with the TOD group, email [email protected].

TOD Resources

  1. FasTracks Strategic Plan for TOD
  2. TOD Design Criteria
  3. Guidelines for Developer Proposals
  4. TOD Evaluation Guidelines
  5. FTA Circular 7050.1B - Guidance on Joint Development
  6. Equitable Transit Oriented Development (eTOD) Policy

Rail Resources

  1. Building in Close Proximity to Existing Light Rail Tracks 03-02-16
  2. RTD Light Rail Design Criteria
  3. RTD Commuter Rail Design Criteria

Bus Resources

  1. RTD Bus Infrastructure Design Guidelines and Criteria
  2. RTD Bus Infrastructure Standard Drawings 2016

Parking Resources

  1. Parking Guiding Principles
  2. 2008 Parking Management Program

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