Longmont Ride Free Fare Program

Longmont Ride Free Fare Program

The Longmont Ride Free Fare Program, or RFL, provides free rides on local Longmont bus service – routes 323, 324, 326 and 327. The Longmont Ride Free Fare Program is managed and paid for by the City of Longmont. The Longmont Ride Free Fare Program is designed to benefit income-limited residents and increase ridership on the local Longmont transit routes, while maintaining revenue neutrality for RTD.

Fare free rides are being offered on four RTD bus routes 323324326 and 327. This program is paid through the City's Street Fund. The Bolt, J, LD, LX, and FlexRide are not included in the Longmont Free Fare Program. This program could be extended or terminated early depending on funding. Longmont residents and the general public will be notified prior to any extension or early termination of the program.

Riders of routes 323, 324, 326 or 327 may request a 3-hour pass which can be used as a $3.00 credit when transferring to the Bolt, J, LD and LX routes or Longmont FlexRide. They may also request transfers from the local bus routes to regional bus routes serving Boulder and Denver, worth the amount of the current logical RTD fare.

This program also extends to Access-a-Ride. Trips that originate in Longmont will be given a $5.00 credit. This means that a local trip cost would be covered and any trip leaving Longmont would receive a $5.00 credit towards the required fare. 3-hour passes are not issued on Access-a-Ride.

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