Smart Card Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to usRTD is implementing a new revenue collection system that will make your ride on any of these services more convenient and economical.

Smart Card

At the heart of this new system is a smart card. A smart card is similar to a credit or debit card but with two major differences. A smart card has a chip embedded in the card that can process information and the card contains a tiny antenna that communicates with a validating device. These devices whether on a bus or van or a rail station platform scan the chip on the card and within one-third of a second can validate the card, update information on the card, define the correct fare, validate a transfer and deduct the fare from the cardholder's cash balance, or confirm the validity of a pass. The smart card will allow riders the option to load cash value or RTD fare products (passes) onto to their cards online. Cards can also be registered so that the card can be replaced if lost or stolen without loss of the cash value or pass on the card.

Your Privacy Matters

RTD understands that maintaining the privacy of its riders’ information is crucial to maintaining your continued use of its services. RTD has developed and will strictly adhere to this privacy policy for the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information related to your use of the RTD's smart card. RTD intends to adhere to the requirements of the Colorado Open Records Act as well.

Collection of Personal Information

RTD will only collect the information it requires to establish and maintain your smart card account. Personal information that may be collected as a result of your loading the card with value, or use of the smart card includes:

  • Information related to financial transactions only in which you used your credit or debit card and your bank account numbers to place value on the smart card (cash value or a pass).
  • If you register the card to protect the balance, the card number and the internal account number assigned to your card by the RTD.
  • Your address, telephone number and email address.
  • Written or e-mail correspondence between you and the RTD regarding your smart card and smart card account.

Dissemination of Personal Information

At no time will RTD use your personal information for any other purpose than that specified in this policy without first obtaining your written consent. By using the RTD smart card and validating the card upon use, you agree that your personal information will be used for these purposes by the RTD:

  • To open and set up your smart card account.
  • To verify your eligibility to utilize RTD services.
  • To communicate with you about your RTD smart card and account.
  • To protect your smart card and the RTD from fraudulent use.
  • To offer you loyalty programs associated with the RTD smart card if you agree.
  • To improve RTD services.
  • To comply with legal and regulatory requirements.


Your consent to the RTD's use of your personal information is implied by your use of the smart card. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time by providing written notice to:

Regional Transportation District
1660 Blake Street
Denver, CO 80202

Your withdrawal of your consent may result in you no longer being eligible to receive some of the benefits of the smart card such as balance protection, auto load, loyalty program incentives or eligible tax benefits.


An RTD rider may request access to their personal smart card account information at any time. RTD will act in accordance with the Colorado Open Records Act to provide the requested information.


All personal Information collected by the RTD will be protected against loss, theft and unauthorized access using appropriate safeguards. RTD will only retain personal information for as long as it is required for the successful management of the smart card program and for the purpose of analysis of RTD services. RTD will delete information from its records when the information is no longer required.

Questions and Comments

RTD is committed to adhering to this policy and to protecting the privacy of its riders. RTD welcomes your questions and comments:

RTD Customer Care: 303-299-6000

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