Bikes and Scooters on Rail

When boarding light rail with your bike, battery-powered e-bike, or e-scooter, please allow other passengers to exit or board before loading. If the vehicle is full, wait for the next available train. You may be asked to de-board for a dirty or muddy bike, or due to overcrowding.

Bicycles, battery-powered e-bikes, and e-scooters must never block aisles or emergency exits and cannot be larger than 80 inches x 40 inches.

Light Rail Vehicles

To provide a safe experience for all customers, light rail vehicles have two bike zones that can accommodate traditional bikes, battery-powered e-bikes and e-scooters. Customers cannot leave their bicycles unattended while riding the train. Only two bikes are allowed at each boarding area and in each bike zone.

Learn how to store your bike at RTD light rail stations

Commuter Rail Vehicles

All commuter rail vehicles have level boarding so you can easily roll your bike, battery-powered e-bike, or e-scooter on and off the cars. Vertical racks allow you to sit while your bike is stored safely for the ride.

Bikes on the Train