Neighborhood EcoPass for Residents

Easy and Affordable

Neighborhood EcoPass is an environmental alternative to single occupancy vehicles, a cost-saving convenience for residents, and a great way to enhance community relations. The neighborhood EcoPass offers several benefits including:

  • Unlimited rides on bus*, trains, and FlexRide for up to one year, including the Flatiron Flyer
  • No additional fare for trips to and from the airport on either SkyRide or the University of Colorado A Line
  • Reduced commuting costs and hassles
  • Cost savings on parking.

* Not valid on special services, including but not limited to Access-a-Ride, BroncosRide, BuffRide, Rockies service, RunRide, and SeniorRide.


EcoPass utilizes smart card tap on technology making program administration and riding RTD a breeze. Residents are issued their own photo ID EcoPass smart card, which can be easily replaced if the card gets lost or damaged.

Airport Transportation

All trips to and from the airport on either SkyRide or the University of Colorado A Line are included with the neighborhood EcoPass.

Get Your Neighborhood Started Today

To be eligible for the neighborhood EcoPass program, the neighborhood must be represented by either a county or city government entity or a registered homeowner association and meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Neighborhood must be located within the Regional Transportation District service area.
  • All homes within a specific neighborhood must be included in the contract.
  • Residents must be approved by the association and must reside in the specified neighborhood.

If you are interested in starting an EcoPass program for your neighborhood, contact RTD today at 303-299-2132.


Have Questions about Your Card?
View our FAQs and Smart Card Privacy Policy

How to Use Your Card

Step 1

Tap your card on a smart card reader every time you ride even when transferring.

Bus: Board the bus and tap your card on the smart card reader next to the driver. By default, your ride is logged at the highest service level available (Local, Regional, or Airport). Tell the driver if your ride qualifies for a lower service level.

Train: Locate the train smart card reader near the platform. Press Local, Regional, or Airport service and tap your card on the reader.

Step 2

Listen for a tone and watch for a light.

Yellow Light: Card is valid. Please show your EcoPass to the bus driver or fare inspector if requested.

Red Light: Card is not valid. Use other form of fare payment or call 303-299-6000 for assistance. If you feel your card should be valid, please contact your card administrator.