R Line


  • Length (miles): 22
  • Vehicle Type: Light rail
  • Stations: 16
  • Parking: 1,800 additional spaces became available on February 24, 2017; 6,555 parking spaces in total including 600 at the Iliff Station which is managed by the City of Aurora. Parking fees apply.
  • Frequency of Service: 15 min (peak) / 30 min (off-peak)

At a Glance

  • The R Line (also known as the I-225 Rail Line) is part of RTD’s 2004 voter-approved FasTracks plan to expand transit across the Denver metro region.
  • The 22-mile light rail line through Aurora provides regional connections to the University of Colorado A Line and E and F rail lines.
  • The line features 16 stations. The following eight opened on February 24, 2017: Peoria, Fitzsimons, Colfax, 13th Avenue, 2nd-Abilene, Aurora Metro Center, Florida, and Iliff.
  • From the existing Nine Mile Station to Peoria Street, the line gives passengers access to the Aurora City Center, the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, the Fitzsimons Life Science District, and Denver International Airport via a transfer to the University of Colorado A Line.
  • The R Line shares track with the H Line from the Florida Station to the Dayton Station, and the R Line shares track with the E and F lines from Belleview Station and RidgeGate Parkway.

Project Overview

  • 2009: RTD completed the environmental planning process and its Board of Directors adopted the Environmental Evaluation.
  • 2009-2012: RTD committed $90 million to build the first segment from Nine Mile Station to Iliff Station.
  • 2012: RTD and the Colorado Department of Transportation kicked off a project to widen the highway between Mississippi Avenue and Parker Road and construct elements of the I-225 Rail Line between the Nine Mile and Iliff stations.
  • 2013: Construction on the full line began.
  • 2014: CDOT completed the widening of I-225 from Parker Road to Mississippi Avenue, creating three lanes in each direction with an additional auxiliary lane.
  • 2015: The R Line FasTracks team completed construction of all light rail bridges, including the Florida Station pedestrian bridge and the arch at the Colfax Station, integration of the Overhead Contact System (OCS) wires at Nine Mile Station, and reconstruction of the Alameda Avenue/Sable Boulevard intersection. Progress continued on construction of light rail stations, installation of track, and utilities.
  • 2017: The full line opened to the public as the R Line on February 24, 2017.


  • 2019 Total Ridership: 1,948,742