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Access-a-Ride Application for New Customers

Eligibility is established under Federal guidelines and is determined by the impact a disability or disabling condition has on one’s ability to use bus/rail service, not on the presence of a disabling condition.


Please follow these instructions in order to prevent delays in your application:

Fill out the Application for Paratransit Service

To complete using a computer:

  1. Open the web form below to access the fillable form in your browser
  2. Use your keyboard or your mouse to navigate through the form fields and complete the form.
  3. Print the completed form using the instructions below.
  4. Sign the form
  5. Print the Medical Verification form and take it to your provider for completion.

To complete in writing:

  1. Use the link below to access the PDF form
  2. Use the instructions below to complete the form.
  3. Print the Medical Verification form and take it to your provider for completion.

Print the Application Form

Print the form by clicking the printer icon on the upper right side of the screen, or by pressing CTRL-P (Windows) or CMD-P (Mac) on the keyboard.

Google Chrome


Microsoft Edge


To print the form in Safari, click 'File' and then 'Print,' or press CMD-P on the keyboard.

Return the Forms

Return both parts of the completed forms (6 pages) to RTD via USPS at:

c/o Access-a-Ride
1660 Blake St
Denver, CO, 80202

OR fax both forms to 303-299-2169

Once RTD has reviewed the completed documents, they will be forwarded to our assessment center, and you will be contacted for scheduling via an automated call system. This takes 5-7 business days from receipt of the application. Please note that mailed applications may take up to a week to arrive.

Attend an In-Person Certification Appointment

Participate in an in-person certification appointment. RTD will provide transportation to this appointment if needed. ID photos will be taken during this appointment. Please let us know if you need translation of interpretation services for this appointment.

What to do on the day of your certification appointment

  1. Wear clothing appropriate for the weather.
  2. Bring the mobility aids that you primarily use (or will use) on public transportation.Note: our vehicles can accommodate a combined weight of up to 800 pounds.
  3. Bring a photo ID card.
  4. Bring someone to assist you with personal care tasks if needed.
  5. If you use oxygen, bring enough for at least 3 hours.
  6. Bring a snack if you feel you might need one.
  7. Bring medications that you will need during the time you are away (up to 3 hrs).

Applications not completed within 90 days of submission will be considered withdrawn.

Important note: All determinations are made based on the information gathered from your application, medical verification form, and your assessment. Applicants who wish to appeal their eligibility determination will be provided with information on how to make an appeal when their assessment results are mailed.

Certification Center

The certification center run by MTM Transit is located at 3851 Steele St, Unit 1479 in the York Street Yards. When navigating to the center, please identify MTM as your location to obtain explicit directions.

Directions by Car

Directions by Bus

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