Access-a-Ride Policies

Access-a-Ride Policies and Rights and Responsibilities

No-show Policy:

Advance Cancellation Policy:

Customers may cancel trips up to two (2) hours before the beginning of the pick-up window without penalty by calling Dispatch at 303-480-2000.

In order to utilize available resources efficiently, we ask that customers cancel unneeded trips before 5:00 pm the day before transport whenever possible by calling Reservations at 303-292-6560.

Late Cancellation Policy:

Customers may cancel trips less than two (2) hours before the start of the scheduled pick-up window with penalty by calling Dispatch at 303-480-2000.

Excessive No Show and Late Cancellations Policy:

A demonstrated pattern of late cancellations or no-shows is a serious disruption of service. Once a customer reaches 4 no-shows or late cancellations in a single calendar month, and these incidents total ten percent (10%) or more of your scheduled trips within that calendar month, the Access-a-Ride suspension policy will take effect. No customer shall be suspended from service for having 3 or fewer no-show or late cancelations in a month.

Failure to Pay Policy:

Failure to present the exact fare when boarding the vehicle is in violation of RTD’s fare policy. A demonstrated pattern of fare non-payment causes service disruption and is considered grounds for service suspension. If a customer refuses to pay for a trip and refuses to disembark upon the operator’s request, the operator may contact law enforcement.

Reinstatement of Canceled Trips Policy:

Customers may not reinstate trips that have been canceled on the day of transport.

Modification of Scheduled Trip Policy:

Customers may not modify pick-up or drop-off addresses on the day of transport.

ID Card Policy:

All customers (except those with visitor status) must present a valid Access-a-Rideidentification card prior to boarding Access-a-Ride vehicles.

Refusal or Suspension of Service Policy:

Access-a-Ride is committed to providing safe and reliable service to all customers.The program does not discriminate on any basis in providing its services to eligible customers.Under ADA regulations, RTD may refuse or suspend Access-a-Rideservice to those who engage in violent, disruptive or illegal behavior.

Suspension of Service Policy:

Disruptions of service due to violation of the Excessive No Shows, Late Cancellations or No Pay policies as stated above may result in penalty and the revocation of your Access-a-Ride services. The progressive suspension policy is as follows:

Any violations of the no-show, late cancellation, or no payment policies will be recorded by dispatch as they occur. The customer will receive an email and/or phone call advising them of the occurrence. Continued occurrences totaling 10% or more of a customer’s trips in a single calendar month will result in a suspension letter by mail. Customers will be given the opportunity to appeal the suspension within a 14-day time frame, after which the service suspension period starts.

The progressive suspension process will start over at the beginning of each calendar year.

Service Suspension Policy

Rights and Responsibilities

RTD Access-a-Ride customers have a responsibility to:

RTD Access-a-Ride customers have a right to:

Rules of Conduct

All passengers, including PCAs and guests, are expected to follow these rules of conduct to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers and the operator:

Passengers who violate the Access-a-Ride Rules of Conduct are subject to penalties, up to termination of service.

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