Taking a Trip Using Access-a-Ride

Please read the following information before your trip with Access-a-Ride

Door-to-door assistance does not include the following:

Mobility Devices

Access-a-Ride vehicles can accommodate customers with wheelchairs less than 30 inches wide, 48 inches long and weighing less than 800 pounds total while occupied. These measurements include the vertical space as well as the floor space. Wheelchairs that fall outside of these guidelines will be evaluated on an individual basis to ensure Access-a-Ride vehicles and lifts will be able to transport them safely. Access-a-Ride may weigh and measure wheelchairs to make sure they fit within the maximum size and weight requirements.

Customers should update RTD when there is a change and/or addition of a mobility device before taking a trip with that device. These updates allow Access-a-Ride to determine the appropriate vehicle type for the trip, as well as to reserve enough space on board for all customers. In order to correctly document assistance needs, a new assessment may be required with the new device.

Failure to notify RTD about a change or addition of a mobility device could result in a service delay.

Customers may only bring the device that they are using for travel. The only instance where a second device may accompany a customer is for a certification appointment for the purpose of being certified to use more than one device.

All wheelchairs must be secured facing forward while being transported. If a customer needs to change or temporarily modify their seating position, this should be done when the vehicle is stopped.

Equipment that is NOT permitted on any Access-a-Ride vehicle includes, but is not limited to:

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