Constructed in 1982, The 16th Street Mall includes the transit-way and adjacent pedestrian areas that link Denver Union and Civic Center stations. Traditionally serving more than 40,000 customers daily, RTD’s Free MallRide is a convenient travel option for downtown residents, businesses, and tourists.  

photo of the mallride on 16th street in denver

Since its construction nearly 40 years ago, the Mall’s aging infrastructure has reached its design life span and updates are needed to ensure its continued success. In partnership with RTD, the City and County of Denver’s 16th Street Mall Improvement Project addresses concerns with both pedestrian and mall shuttle safety, along with the significant cost of annual maintenance.

The project will reconfigure the Mall’s layout to create wider sidewalks, a new amenity zone and center-running Free MallRide shuttle service. Phased construction will begin in late 2021 starting at Market Street, moving towards Broadway before reaching completion in late 2024.

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