Project Progress

On Monday, April 3, RTD began an extended project to perform maintenance and repairs to the caps on top of the retaining walls, called coping panels, that run along the Southeast Rail Line south of Broadway to Lincoln Station next to I-25. The work is expected to significantly impact rail service on the E, H, and R lines through fall of this year.

The improvements to the coping panels will be done in nine segments, or blocks, and will take place Mondays through Fridays 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Adjusted E and R Line schedules will be in place seven days a week to accommodate storage of equipment.

Crews will begin at Lincoln Station and proceed north. Similar work will happen again for the south side of the rail alignment in 2024.

RTD thanks customers and the public for their understanding as the agency works to make lives better through connections.



E  Line operating special schedule with service every 30 minutes.

H  Line operating special schedule with service every 30 minutes.

R  Line service suspended between Lincoln and Florida, with regular service between Peoria and Florida.

Project Overview

Coping Panel Replacement Project (April 3–November 2023)

Begins Monday, April 3 with work taking place Mondays–Fridays from 7 a.m.–7 p.m. between the I-25•Broadway and Lincoln stations to repair coping panels along the top of the retaining wall that runs along the tracks. While work only occurs Monday–Fridays, E and R line schedules are impacted 7 days a week per equipment being stored while project advances.

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