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Ride with Uber

For more information on using Uber to request a ride, visit the Uber Support Center.

Using Uber is now easier. Once your enrollment information has been reviewed and uploaded, you may receive a text message. Click the link to accept. If you already have an Uber account, the voucher will automatically apply on all qualifying trips.

If you had been using the RTD subsidy prior to March 2, things will look a little different when you schedule your trip:

If you are new to Access-on-Demand, click on the text message to apply the voucher. Schedule your trips and the subsidized payment will be applied automatically according to the program rules.

RTD is unable to assist with payment issues with Uber, including, but not limited to unauthorized charges, cancellation fees, temporary holds, etc.


Access On Demand customers must contact Uber’s help section via the app or here to resolve payment issues. When calling the Access On Demand information line for assistance with payment issues, we will require a case number provided by Uber to be able to assist customers who have been unable to resolve an issue through the Uber app.

1 - Open the Uber App

2 - Click "Where To"

3 - Select Uber X, XL, RTD WAV, Uber Black, Uber, Green, or Uber Pet

If the trip is within the service area, you should see the reduced trip fare. If the trip is NOT within the service area, you will see the full fare.

How do I check rides remaining on my Denver RTD voucher?

How to Check Receipt for Charges in the Uber App

How to Contact Uber for Help

Service Animal Issues

To file a report from the Uber website, select the “I Want To Report A Service Animal Issue” link here or through the “Help” link on the Uber website.

When to contact RTD for assistance

Please call the office at (303) 299-2530 for the following issues:

For any payment issues please see the Uber Help instructions.