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Fare evasion is not paying your fare for using RTD services.

It is against the law not to pay the full fare (C.R.S. § 42-4-1416(2) Failure to Present a Valid Transit Pass or Coupon ). Failure to present a valid transit pass, ticket, transfer, or coupon could result in a fine of up to $106.50 including court costs. Fare evasion is punishable under the Colorado traffic code and failure to pay may result in the loss of a person's driving privileges. Multiple fare citations will result in suspension from RTD services for a pre-determined amount of time.

A record-breaking 6,279 fare evaders were ticketed in 2014. The increased number of evasion tickets issued could be the result of an enhancement to RTD's fare inspection program that allows city police officers, RTD fare inspectors, and security officers to conduct fare inspections and fare enforcement on train and bus routes.

Fare inspections can take place at any time and can be conducted at stations or stops prior to boarding. All passengers must be able to produce proof of valid fare payment before boarding a bus or while riding on an RTD train.

Official RTD passes are sold only at RTD sales outlets, including King Soopers and Safeway stores. It is a felony to make, use, or intend to use a forged public transportation pass. It is also illegal to evade fares on public transportation.

To stay on the right side of the law, please make sure your RTD pass is legitimate by purchasing it at an authorized outlet.

Discount Fare Eligibility

Proof of Eligibility

If you are riding with a discounted pass or ticket, you must be able to present proof of eligibility every time you ride.

  • Seniors, Age 65+: Photo ID showing passenger's age, Medicare card, or RTD-issued Special Discount Card
  • Youth (ages 6-19): current middle or high school ID, or government-issued photo ID showing the passenger’s age
  • Individuals with Disabilities: RTD-issued Special Discount Card or Medicare card

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What is a 3-Hour Pass?

A 3-Hour Pass allows passengers to complete a trip using combinations of RTD bus routes and train lines within 3 hours from the scheduled trip start time.

Transfers are included with a 3-Hour Pass, with the exception of special services such as BroncosRide, Access-a-Ride, SeniorRide or Saturday Shopper.

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3-Hour Pass Disputes

Passengers who dispute a bus operator or fare inspector’s decision about the value or expiration of the 3-Hour Pass should pay the fare and retain the 3-Hour Pass as evidence. Inquiries should be directed to Customer Care at 303-299-6000.

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