How to Ride Commuter Rail


I need a wheelchair to get into the airport. What should I do?

Wheelchair courtesy service is provided by the individual airlines. When booking your flight, request wheelchair courtesy service and the airline should provide you with courtesy wheelchair service once you exit the train, on or near the train platform.

How much does it cost for children to ride the A Line?

Children five years of age or younger ride for free on all RTD services when accompanied by a fare-paying adult (limit three children with each fare-paying adult). Children aged 6-19 are eligible for the discount fare, which is 50% of the fare type (Local, Regional, or Airport fare).

*Zero Fare for Youth 19 and under until September 2024.

When traveling with children, where can I store the stroller and car seat?

Strollers, car seats, and other luggage can be stored in the vertical luggage racks, overhead bins, or in the oversized luggage storage area.

Where do children sit on the train?

Children should remain seated next to their parent or guardian while the train is in motion.

Are there restrictions on luggage on the train?

There are no size restrictions or weight limits for luggage brought onto the train. Please keep in mind that luggage cannot block the aisle, doors, or emergency exits. Passengers should be able to load and unload their own luggage.

What do I do if the luggage areas / bike rack areas are full?

If the storage areas are full, please try to find extra space in the adjoining train. If all storage areas are full, please wait for the next train and stand in line to be the first to board. Trains run every 15 minutes during most of the day.

Bikes and luggage cannot block the aisles, doors, or emergency exits.

Where do I check my bags for my flight?

Travelers will need to exit the University of Colorado A Line train with all of their personal belongings and take the escalator or elevator to level 5 and proceed into the airport. Ticket counters and baggage check are located on level 6 of the airport.

There are plans for bag check inside Denver Airport Station on level 1 in the near future.

How do I get from the train into the airport?

The train will stop on level 1 at Denver Airport Station, directly below the Westin Hotel.

Passengers will need to proceed up the escalator or elevator to level 5 and enter Denver International Airport.

Passengers needing to check-in for their flights or check bags will need to proceed to level 6. Passengers with carry-on baggage can proceed directly to Security on level 5.

Where are the wheelchair securement areas on the train?

There are two wheelchair securement areas per vehicle. All doors on the commuter rail vehicle are ADA accessible. If the wheelchair securement area is not in use, the folding bench seat in that area may be used for additional seating.

Customers using a wheelchair or mobility device may choose to secure themselves appropriately, without the assistance of a train operator or any other on-duty driver, staff, or operator.

Are there restrooms on the train or at stations?

No, there are no restrooms on our commuter rail trains or at any of the University of Colorado A Line stations.

Is covered parking available at any of the stations?

No, there is no covered parking available at any of the University of Colorado A Line stations.

Are pets allowed on the train?

Service animals and crated pets must remain on the floor, not blocking the aisle, or on their owner's/trainer's lap. Service animals and crated pets are not allowed in the aisle or on seats.

Will my EcoPass or CollegePass get me to the airport?

Yes, your EcoPass and/or CollegePass will pay for your trip to the airport. Simply select your trip type at the Smart Card validator on the platform and tap your card before boarding the vehicle. There is no additional payment required.

I have a Free Ride coupon. Will this pay for me to get to the airport?

Yes, Free Ride Coupons are good for one-way trips on any level of service, including a trip to the airport. Validate your coupon at the red validator machines on the platform. The machine will time stamp your coupon. This coupon is good for three hours and for travel in one direction. If you need to transfer to a bus to complete your trip, please show your time-stamped coupon to the bus driver as your proof of fare.

Is there security on board the train?

RTD will staff security officers/Fare Inspectors (uniformed and plain-clothed) aboard nearly all commuter rail vehicles. These officers will frequently enforce fare payment.

All commuter rail vehicles have security cameras installed.

How do you transfer from a bus to train (or train to bus)?

Transferring from bus to train:

If you begin your trip on a bus, you will need to tell the driver your final destination and pay the correct fare for your entire trip. If you board a local bus but will end your trip at the airport, ask the driver for the airport fare and pay the fare box. The driver will issue a printed fare receipt with the time and fare type paid. This is your proof of fare when you board the train. No additional payment is required.

Transferring from train to bus:

If you begin your trip on a train, you will need to purchase your fare at the Ticket Vending Machine on the platform. Purchase the fare for your final destination. Retain this ticket to show to the bus driver as proof of fare.

Is there a wifi signal available on the train?

No, there is not an RTD-provided wifi signal on the commuter rail trains.

Can I charge my phone or electrical device on the train?

No, there are no electrical outlets on the commuter rail trains.

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