Commuter rail comes to Denver with the opening of the A Line. Commuter rail has many new, different features than light rail. Commuter rail trains carry more passengers, operate at higher speeds, make fewer stops, and offer different cargo space options for travelers making their way to and from Denver International Airport.

Commuter Rail Features

  • Powered by 25kV alternating current overhead electrical system
  • Designed for higher travel speeds, longer distances and less stops
  • Operates up to 79 mph
  • Total capacity: 170 people (including standees)
  • Level boarding from platform (no steps to maneuver)
  • Seat pairs face middle of train

Luggage Storage

Commuter rail vehicles feature overhead storage running the entire length of the vehicle, similar to an airplane or regional bus. Additionally, there are two designated luggage storage racks per vehicle.
  • Traveling with Bikes and Large Cargo

Each vehicle has two multi-purpose storage racks. Each storage area can hold two bikes, four per vehicle. This large storage space is also ideal for large pieces of luggage like skis and snowboards.

Seating Arrangement

Unlike light rail, seating on commuter rail cars is 'knee-to-back'. The seats in each commuter rail car mostly face in one direction, but do alternate direction (forward-facing or rear-facing) in sections within each rail car.

Real-time Route Information

An LCD screen inside each vehicle displays current, real-time route and destination information. Audio announcements cue riders about current and upcoming stop information.

Level Boarding

With commuter rail cars, every door has level boarding. This means there are no steps to maneuver when boarding or exiting the train. You can roll your bike, luggage, stroller, or wheel chair directly onto the vehicle.

Deep Tracks

The platforms at each station have deep track beds - nearly four feet deep. Stay back from the ledge and behind the yellow warning strip for safety. Tracks can be crossed at either end of the platform in designated areas only.