Eligibility Appeals

Customers may appeal their eligibility determination within 60 days of the receipt of the determination letter, which outlines the process for appeal. Customers who do not submit a request for appeal in the 60-day window, may submit a new application and repeat the certification process. Applicants are encouraged to read their eligibility letters carefully to understand conditions that may be outlined in the letter to determine if an appeal is appropriate to their situation.

Presumptive Eligibility

Applicants who have completed the entire paratransit eligibility process, which includes the interview/mobility assessment (and all necessary documentation), but who have not received a determination from RTD within 21 calendar days will receive presumptive eligibility. This entitles the applicant to unconditional eligibility beginning on the 22nd day and ending when official notification of the eligibility decision from RTD has been received by the applicant. Applicants who have been unable to complete the assessment process due to suspension of assessment appointments will be provided with temporary presumptive eligibility until assessments resume.

Presumptive Eligibility does not apply in cases where additional documentation is requested or when the applicant does not complete the in-person eligibility process.

Eligibility for Children Ages 6 and Younger

Children 6 years of age and younger will be considered for paratransit eligibility based on the functional ability of both the accompanying adult and child (as a team) to use fixed-route service. When an eligible child is traveling with an adult (who is serving as a Personal Care Attendant), any applicable fare must be paid by the child and the adult attendant rides free.

Recertification of eligibility

Eligibility for Access-a-Ride service is not permanent. Re-certification for Access-a-Ride service should occur before the expiration date on the ID card. Eligibility can change upon re-certification based on current transportation ability. Access-a-Ride provides notice of approaching expiration of eligibility to all customers. Please ensure recertification reminders will be received by keeping contact information up to date. The re-certification application is available on the Access-a-Ride page of the RTD website at rtd-denver.com and, once completed, can be sent via fax to 303-299-2169 or mailed to:

1660 Blake St.
Denver, CO, 80202

If mobility status or device changes, an assessment may be required prior to the expiration date on the card. If you obtain a new mobility device, please advise the Access-a-Ride administrative office at 303-299-2960 and you will be mailed a Mobility Device Update form to complete and return.

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