1. Reopening station lobby after months of remediation work
  2. Prestigeous marketing award for military recruitment campaign
  3. New seats for MallRide vehicles
By RTD Staff

RTD Boulder Station lobby reopens Monday

Downtown Boulder Station lobby

The Downtown Boulder Station lobby is reopening Monday, Feb. 19, following months of remediation work. The interior of the station, located at 1800 14th St., was initially closed in January 2023 after methamphetamine residue was detected in the restrooms and found to have entered the interior ductwork elsewhere in the station.

“The collective goal of all employees involved in this project was to ensure the station could be reopened in a safe condition,” said General Manager and CEO Debra A. Johnson. “While illicit substance abuse is a societal issue that impacts everyone, and not solely RTD, it is the agency’s overarching responsibility to provide employees and the public with clean, welcoming transit environments.” Read more.


RTD wins national transit association marketing award for military recruitment campaign

RTD’s Marketing division, recently won a first-place American Public Transportation Association (APTA) AdWheel Award. The prestigious AdWheels honor the most creative and effective marketing campaigns in the transit industry by system size. Marketing’s winning entry was its innovative military recruitment campaign, in the category of Best Electronic Workforce Development Effort. RTD’s military recruitment campaign highlights the unique contributions of its military veterans. Ashlyn Whitford, RTD’s Marketing Communications Specialist who manages the HR military recruitment campaign, accepted the award earlier this week at the APTA Marketing, Communications & Customer Experience Workshop in New Orleans. Military professionals are essential to RTD’s workforce. In 2023 RTD hired 39 military veterans into both represented and non-represented positions. Veterans who align with the agency’s values are encouraged to apply for the many open positions at RTD.


MallRide seats are getting a refresh

MallRide vinyl seats

MallRide vehicles are getting a refresh. RTD is transitioning the seats on its MallRide vehicles from fabric to vinyl. One of the 36 Free MallRide vehicles has been fitted with the new seats and is currently running on the MallRide route.

The entire fleet will be converted and the remainder of RTD’s bus fleet will be converted to vinyl through the normal attrition cycles. The new seats support agency efforts to create a welcoming transit environment and will enhance the overall customer experience. The new vinyl seats can be wiped down easily and take less time for employees to clean. The fabric seats fade, show stains and need replacement more often. See the full article.