RTD partnering with CDOT to provide Bustang commuting option along I-25 between Lone Tree and Denver Union Station

RTD is partnering with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to support RTD customers during the Coping Panel Project and rail inspections underway on the Southeast Rail Corridor. Regularly scheduled inspections are reducing speeds on specific sections of the corridor and increasing travel time on the E and H lines.

The RTD-CDOT partnership enables RTD customers to ride the Bustang South Line between Sky Ridge, Colorado and Denver Union stations through Sept. 14 using RTD fares. RTD customers can simply show a valid/paid RTD fare to board the Bustang. RTD is providing the Bustang service to support customers with an additional transit option during scheduled maintenance.

Bustang will accept all valid forms of RTD fare, including:

  • RTD MyRide app QR code
  • RTD MyRide card
  • RTD MyRide mobile ticket(s):Activate tickets before boarding
  • Paper Tickets:Ticket Vending Machine tickets, bus-printed tickets, paper Monthly Passes, validated 10-Ride Ticket Book tickets and Free Ride Coupons
  • Cash:Exact change required
  • Active duty members of the U.S. Military and law enforcement, Youth 19 and under, those with an Access-a-Ride ID, and an aide to person with a disability ride at no cost

RTD cash fares:

  • Standard 3-Hour Pass: $2.75
  • Discount* 3-Hour Pass $1.35; *Discount fares apply to seniors 65+, individuals with disabilities, Medicare recipients, and customers enrolled in LiVE.

RTD customers are encouraged to prepay fare via the RTD MyRide app to expedite the boarding process. For customers paying cash, Bustang operators will ask if a transfer ticket is needed. If so, operators will direct RTD customers to an RTD Ticket Vending Machine and wait a reasonable time for a customer to purchase a ticket before continuing the route. Fare payment is unavailable through the Bustang mobile ticketing app.

RTD customers may board Bustang at the following locations:

  • Denver Union Station – Gate B4 of the downstairs bus concourse
  • Colorado Station – Gate E
  • Sky Ridge Station – In front of station. No RTD customer parking available.

Bustang scheduling and boarding information

  • Customers may access Bustang South Line scheduling here.
  • Customers can use the Trip Planner on RTD Next Ride to plan travel between Denver Union, Colorado and Sky Ridge stations. The Bustang South Line is listed as “SOUTH” in trip planning results.

Bustang travel times:

  • Northbound to Union Station: 55 minutes from Sky Ridge Station, 35 minutes from Colorado Station
  • Southbound from Union Station: 60 minutes to Sky Ridge Station, 40 minutes to Colorado Station

Lone Tree Link

Customers traveling to/from Sky Ridge in Lone Tree can explore the Link on Demand shuttle service to access Sky Ridge Station. Customers may also download the Link On Demand app.

RTD track inspection

In May 2024, RTD began regularly scheduled inspections of track along the Southeast Rail Corridor. The thorough and comprehensive inspections include an examination of RTD’s light rail track, ties, ballast (rock under the track), clips, overhead wire system, and other related infrastructure. Inspections are a regular part of RTD’s operations and are conducted with regular frequency by trained staff. The agency’s more than 120 miles of light rail track is inspected every quarter.

RTD implemented speed restrictions (slowdown zones) in select areas along the Southeast Corridor until crews can complete any necessary maintenance.The speed restrictions are in place for specific sections of the E, H, and R lines, resulting in additional trip time for customers to reach their destinations.

RTD always adheres to the highest level of safety standards, even when it results in an impact to scheduled services and on-time performance. The Southeast Corridor remains safe for RTD to continue running trains along the alignment. The agency is firmly committed to providing safe and reliable transit services for all customers and employees. All agency decisions are based in applying the highest level of standards that prioritize safe operations and support a welcoming transit environment.

The agency encourages customers to allow for extra time to reach their destinations. To assist customers impacted by the inspections and current speed restrictions, RTD provides the following resources:

  • Service Alerts – text, email, social media, and online notices that provide real-time information on delays, detours, disruptions, cancellations, and resumption of service
  • Impact Team – RTD is dispatching employee ambassadors to various rail stations and bus stops to assist customers during large events, planned maintenance projects, and peak service times
  • Customer Care – customers are encouraged to call Customer Care at 303.299.6000 for customized help with planning trips, making connections, or routing disruptions
  • Social Media – customers can directly reach out to RTD’s digital team via social media to get customized help and assistance

RTD thanks its customers for their patience as the agency performs necessary maintenance to ensure that the public’s investments in the agency’s rail system remain safe, accessible, and dependable to help make lives better through connections.

By RTD Staff