Ticket Vending

How to use Rail Ticket Vending Machines

The ticket vending machine (TVM) display screen guides you through your 3 hour ticket or Day Pass purchase. You can choose to view instructions in either English or Spanish by pressing the audio buttons. You may input selections using the touch screen or the keypad.

Purchase tickets in 5 steps

  1. Make a ticket selection
  2. Select ticket type
  3. Select quantity of tickets
  4. Pay amount shown on screen
  5. Take your ticket and change

Step 1: Make a Ticket Selection

Purchase Tickets:

Choose this option to purchase a 3-Hour Pass or Day Pass. Monthly passes and 10-Ride ticket books are not available for purchase at TVMs.

All train tickets are pre-validated with that day’s date and time. You cannot purchase tickets from a TVM for use on another day. Train tickets are valid for transfers to bus service.

View Rail Map and Fare Zones

Quick Ticket:

Choose this option to quickly purchase a 3-Hour Pass from your current station to central and downtown Denver stations (fare zone A).

Airport and Upgrades:

*Discount fares apply to seniors 65+, individuals with disabilities, and Medicare recipients. Youth discount fares apply to youth ages 6-19 (up to three children ages 5 and younger ride free with a fare-paying adult). Proof of eligibility is required for all passengers using discounted fare products. Active duty members of the U.S. military ride for free on all RTD services.

Step 2: Select Ticket Type

You will have the option of choosing a 3-Hour Pass or Day Pass. You may also choose between full fare or discount fare for those that qualify (details below).

3-Hour Pass:

Purchase a ticket, valid for up to 3 hours from the time of purchase. Train tickets are valid fare for RTD bus service.

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Day Pass:

If you’re planning to make multiple trips on rail or bus in a service day, our Day Pass may be your most affordable option. With a Day Pass you can ride all day for the price of a round-trip. Day Passes may be purchased at the Local or Regional/Airport fare level.

View Day Pass pricing

Special Event Services:

During major special events and sporting events, RTD may offer increased service on select rail lines, depending on anticipated attendance. Please be aware that the trains may be at capacity before and after these events. Special ticket windows may also be in service at select rail stations for special events.

Discount Fares:

Discount fares are available for all seniors 65+, individuals with disabilities, Medicare recipients, elementary, middle and high school students ages 6-19. Children 5 years of age or younger ride free with a fare-paying adult (limit three children with each fare-paying adult). Active duty members of the U.S. military ride for free on all RTD services. Proof of eligibility is required for all passengers using discounted fare products.

View discount fare pricing

Step 4: Pay Amount Shown on Screen

The screen will show the type of ticket selected and the amount due. Insert bills and/or coins in the money slots or select the payment card option. The TVM will not accept pennies or bills larger than $20.00. Change will be given in coins.

Ticket vending machines accept all major credit cards, including American Express, Discover, MasterCard, VISA, and debit cards. At select rail stations where there are multiple TVMs, some machines may only accept credit cards, but at least one TVM at each station will continue to accept cash and coins.

Step 5: Take your Ticket and Change

Your ticket and change are dispensed at the bottom of the TVM. Change will only be given in coins when paying with cash. No change will be given for a payment card purchase. The TVM does not allow for a cash-back option on payment card purchases.

Be sure to keep your ticket readily available while riding the train. RTD fare inspectors conduct random fare checks and may request to see a valid ticket at any time. Rail tickets are valid for transfer to RTD bus service.

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