Access-on-Demand Updates

It has come to the attention of RTD staff that the booking and reservation application utilized by one of the agency’s Access-on-Demand partners allows individuals to request multi-stop trips when booking services. This multi-stop option, while certainly convenient, is not available to other RTD customers, including Access-a-Ride customers who utilize the agency’s traditional accessible services provided through the agency’s branded paratransit vehicles.

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Access-on-Demand is an optional subsidized curb-to-curb service using taxi and ride share providers. Individuals with current certification for Access-a-Ride are eligible to use the service. If certification is lapsed and an extension is provided, the extension does not apply to Access-on-Demand services.

Service Parameters:

Access-on-Demand customers should be reminded that this service is not their only transportation option.

Access-on-Demand is an extremely popular service; however, it may not meet everyone’s needs.

Service Abuses: the following actions are considered service abuses on Access-on-Demand.

Customers who abuse the Access-on-Demand policies as stated above will be subject to the following suspension schedule:

Appeals may be submitted to the [email protected] email address and must specifically relate to the reasons for the suspension. Inclusion of receipts for trips is encouraged.


  • RTD does not manage and cannot see the payment methods in your account.
  • Any issues regarding payment should be addressed directly with the provider either through the app or via customer service. Contact information is available on specific provider pages.
  • Tipping is encouraged, but it is not covered in the subsidy amount, it is billed to the customer’s payment method.
  • Customers using Apple pay or Google Pay will see a temporary hold for the full amount of the trip. The hold will reverse in 3-5 business days. To avoid please use another form of payment.
  • Customers should monitor their receipts as they travel (bank/card charges are not reflective of what is charged) to understand how payment was billed.
  • All billing disputes should be communicated with the provider directly, either through the app/website, or where available, phone. RTD cannot intervene until the customer has attempted to resolve disputes through the app/with the provider directly. Submission of the documentation of that correspondence will be required.


  • Use the provider’s app/website to submit any questions and concerns or contact our taxi providers through the contact numbers listed on their pages.
  • In addition to the provider, complaints may also be submitted to customer care.


  • All updates to customer information should be communicated via the enrollment form, including changes to
    • Phone numbers.
    • Email addresses.
    • Updates to eligibility that take place after the original certification expiration date. (Access-on-Demand does not monitor customers undergoing the certification process).
  • If there are program updates, RTD will post them on the website, or contact you through the email address provided upon enrollment.
  • Ride share providers regularly update their apps, please set your apps to automatically update to ensure your app is current.
  • If there is important information which RTD needs to share with all customers, we will add it to our outgoing message on our voicemail at 303-299-2530 and send out an interactive voice response (IVR) message. It is therefore important that you update the phone number in your Access-a-Ride profile when you update your phone number for Access-on-Demand.

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