What is Access-on-Demand?

It is an optional subsidized curb to curb service using taxi and ride share providers. Individuals with current certification for Access-a-Ride service may take up to 60 trips per month between the 4 on demand providers. RTD will pay for the first $25 of the trip cost, and the remaining portion is paid by the individual through the provider’s payment platform.

How do I qualify to use Access-on-Demand?

Customers with current certification for paratransit service using Access-a-Ride, you may opt-in and begin using the Access-on-Demand service anytime. It is the customer's responsibility to know when recertification is due by the date on their card. Reminder cards are sent in the mail prior to expiration. Extensions provided on Access-a-Ride service do not apply to Access-on-Demand.

Important Information about Access-on-Demand

Do Access-on-Demand and Access-a-Ride drivers receive that same training?

Access-on-Demand drivers receive general sensitivity training while Access-a-Ride drivers participate in a comprehensive training program designed specifically for transporting individuals with disabilities.

Is Access-on-Demand a good solution for everyone?

Access-on-Demand is an extremely popular service; however, it may not meet everyone’s needs.

  • For individuals who feel comfortable traveling alone and without supervision, Access-on-Demand will be a good option, otherwise, our recommendation would be to continue using Access-a-Ride.
  • For individuals unable to manage curb to curb transportation, Access-a-Ride will provide the needed assistance to get to the door

How many trips can I take on Access-on-Demand?

You may take up to 60 one-way trips total per calendar month. Multi stop trips are not included. All services may be used in combination, but the total allowed trips is 60. It is the customer's responsibility to monitor their trip usage. Provider platforms operate independently and may not represent total remaining trips if multiple providers are used.

What happens if I exceed 60 trips per month?

Once you reach your 60-trip limit, you will no longer be able to schedule trips for the remainder of the month. You may face suspension from the service for failing to monitor these trips.

Customers who exceed their 60 trips will be removed from all platforms for the remainder of the month. If a customer repeatedly fails to monitor their trip usage, this is considered a service abuse and will be subject to the suspension policy as follows:

  • First violation - 7-day suspension with only 45 trips
  • Second violation – 14-day suspension with only 30 trips
  • Third violation – 21-day suspension with only 15 trips
  • Fourth violation –one month suspension
  • Additional violation - referral to an appeal committee with potential removal from Access-on-Demand services

Will an Access-on-Demand provide door-to-door service?

No, you will be expected to meet the vehicle at the curb.

Should I tip the Access-on-Demand driver?

Tipping is encouraged, but is not part of the subsidy amount. Tips will be billed to your payment method.

Does RTD manage payment methods?

RTD does not manage and cannot see the payment methods in your account. Any issues regarding payment should be addressed directly with the provider either through the app or via customer service. Contact information is available on specific provider pages.

How are billing disputes handled?

Customers should monitor their receipts as they travel (bank/card charges are not reflective of what is charged) to understand how payment was billed. All billing disputes should be communicated with the provider directly, either through the app/website, or where available, phone.

I have a complaint, who can I tell?

Use the provider’s app/website to submit any questions and concerns or contact our taxi providers through the contact numbers listed on their pages.

How do I get updates on the program or in the apps?

  1. If there are program updates, RTD will post them on the website, or contact you through the email address in the provider’s app
  2. Ride share providers have regularly schedule updates to their apps, please set your apps to automatically update
  3. If there is a program specific communication impacting all customers, we will also include that in the outgoing message on our voicemail at 303-299-2530.

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