Serving Union Station, Civic Center Station, and Downtown

With limited stops between the bus concourse at Union Station and Civic Center Station along 18th and 19th streets, the Free MetroRide is the perfect option for downtown commuters. This free bus service runs during weekday rush hours (5:54 am – 9:18 am and 2:46 pm – 6:28 pm) and provides convenient connections to bus, light rail, and commuter rail. The Free MetroRide is a fast, reliable alternative and convenient companion to the 16th Street Free MallRide.


Effective April 5th: This route will not operate while the COVID-19 service reduction is in place.
    Union Station
Gate B13
Union Station
Gate B22
19th St & Blake St 19th St &
Lawrence St
19th St & Curtis St 19th St & Stout St Broadway & 18th St Civic Center Stn
Gate 7
Lincoln St & 17th Ave 18th St & Glenarm Pl 18th St & California St 18th St & Curtis St 18th St & Lawrence St 18th St & Market St 18th St & Wazee St
AM First 5:54A 5:55A 5:57A 5:59A 6:00A 6:00A 6:02A 6:07A 6:08A 6:10A 6:12A 6:14A 6:15A 6:16A 6:18A
  Last 9:06A 9:07A 9:09A 9:11A 9:12A 9:13A 9:15A 9:07A 9:09A 9:11A 9:12A 9:14A 9:15A 9:17A 9:18A
PM First 2:46P 2:47P 2:49P 2:51P 2:52P 2:53P 2:55P 2:49P 2:51P 2:52P 2:54P 2:55P 2:56P 2:58P 2:59P
  Last 6:07P 6:08P 6:11P 6:12P 6:14P 6:15P 6:17P 6:17P 6:18P 6:20P 6:22P 6:24P 6:25P 6:26P 6:28P


Catch It At Union Station

The Free MetroRide operates out of five dedicated gates in the underground Union Station Bus Concourse.

Gates 1 & 2
Drop-off only; near the historic building and commuter rail station
Gate 11
Drop-off only; nearest gate to the light rail station
Gate 13
Boarding only; nearest gate to the light rail station and Chestnut Pavilion
Gate 22
Boarding only; near the historic building and commuter rail station
Union Station bus concourse map

Free MetroRide Stops

The Free MetroRide makes 14 stops during a round trip on 18th and 19th streets, traveling between Union Station and Civic Center Station. The stops markers are distinct from other RTD bus stops and have a white canopy and/or marker with a map of the route and downtown area.

Free MetroRide Stop

Union Station to Civic Center Station

Union Station Bus Concourse
19th St. & Blake St.
19th St. & Lawrence St.
19th St. & Curtis St.
19th St. & Stout St.
Broadway & 18th St.
16th Ave. & Broadway


Civic Center Station to Union Station

  • 17th Ave. & Lincoln St.
  • 18th St. & Glenarm Pl.
  • 18th St. & California St.
  • 18th St. & Curtis St.
  • 18th St. & Lawrence St.
  • 18th St. & Market St.
  • 18th St. & Wazee St.

A Great Pair: Free MallRide and Free MetroRide

RTD's Free MallRide, traveling seven days a week down the bustling 16th Street Mall, is another great alternative for getting around downtown. This free service stopping at every block between Civic Center Station and Union Station is the ideal companion to our Free MetroRide service. Both provide fast, reliable service to area businesses, convenient connections to bus, light rail, and commuter rail lines.

Learn about the Free MallRide