Finding more ways for passengers to get to their destinations

RTD and Lyft have a shared vision of reducing single-occupancy vehicles on the road to improve traffic flow and decrease congestion. Initially joining together for the “Ditch Your Car” effort in Fall 2018, that encouraged Denver area residents to try alternate forms of transportation for 30 days, the collaboration has expanded to help riders find more ways to get to their first- and last-mile destinations.

On March 11, 2019, Lyft and RTD announced the launch of “Nearby Transit” in Lyft’s mobile app. This feature shows riders nearby public transit routes, walking overview and schedules directly within the Lyft app. App users are now able to find nearby bus and rail connections in addition to Lyft vehicles and scooters. The app is currently only available on iOS and is being released in a phased approach for Lyft users in the Denver area.

Using the App

After installing the Lyft app from the Apple Store, make sure the app is installed correctly and your account is properly set up. From there:

  1. Tap “Transit” on your home screen. A list of nearby public transportation options will appear.
  2. Select any listed bus or rail line. Up to three next departure times will appear on the screen.
  3. Follow the dotted lines on the screen to the nearest bus or train stop.

Future Plans

Lyft will continue rolling out the app to iOS users and then begin the roll out to Android users. From there, Journey planning and mobile ticketing will be the next phases in this collaboration. At that point, people in the Denver area will be able to identify avenues for getting around the metro area including public transportation options.