Buy RTD tickets in the Lyft app

As part of our collaborative partnership to expand options for passengers, RTD, Lyft and Masabi have launched mobile ticketing for public transit in the Lyft app. Be the first to purchase and use RTD bus and train tickets through Lyft. This new feature will roll out to Lyft users over the next few weeks.

Using the App

After installing the Lyft app from the Apple Store or Google Play, make sure the app is up to date and installed correctly, and your account is properly set up. From there:

  1. Tap “Transit” on your home screen.
  2. A list of nearby public transportation options will appear.
  3. Search, compare routes, and purchase tickets using credit and debit payments methods currently enabled by Lyft. This includes pre-paid debit cards.
  4. RTD tickets cost the same whether you buy them on the bus, rail platform, or RTD Mobile Tickets app.
  5. Activate your tickets in the Lyft app.
  6. You can save unused tickets in the app for up to 45 days.
Lyft In-App Ticketing, November 2020

About our partnership with Lyft

RTD and Lyft share a commitment to reduce single-occupancy vehicles on the road to improve traffic flow and decrease congestion. We initially collaborated for the “Ditch Your Car” effort in 2018, encouraging Denver area residents to try alternate forms of transportation for 30 days. We expanded our collaboration on March 11, 2019, with the launch of “Nearby Transit” in the Lyft app, showing riders nearby public transit routes, walking overview, and schedules in addition to Lyft vehicles and scooters.