Deputy Chief Dr. Glynell Horn Jr.

Deputy Chief Dr. Glynell Horn Jr.

Deputy Chief Dr. Glynell Horn Jr.

Dr. Glynell Horn Jr. is a native of Houston, Texas, a dedicated law enforcement professional, and a public safety executive with over 17 years of progressive experience. Glynell began his career as a patrol officer with the Stafford Police Department and quickly rose through the ranks to Assistant Chief of Police before transitioning to RTD.

Glynell recognizes that policing is, at its core, about serving the community by creating a sense of safety and security. His overarching community safety goals are rooted in crime prevention and reduction, organizational excellence, and citizen engagement and involvement. Furthermore, he is a strategic thinker who leads by influencing others, executing complex problems, and building strong relationships. His restorative approach to problem-solving and process improvement generated positive results within the Stafford Police Department, such as decreasing criminal activity, increasing departmental buy-in for new policies and procedures, and reducing costs while maximizing resources.

As a firm believer in the importance of strong organizational culture, Glynell is committed to building transparent environments that promote employee development and inspire trust in leadership. His motto is "Productivity inspires credibility." He sets a positive example by embodying this ideal. Furthermore, he is dedicated to fostering employee success by improving training, providing professional development opportunities, creating consistent evaluation processes, and seeking input from superiors and subordinates. He also drives success by delegating tasks that play into each individual’s strengths. Finally, Glynell recognizes the power of mentoring—he sees it as an essential component of leadership development and strives to provide quality mentorship to his team.

As an achievement-oriented lifelong learner, Glynell recognizes the power of continued learning. He began his higher education journey by taking courses at Houston Community College immediately after finishing high school. He then attended the police academy at HCC’s northeast campus upon graduating from the University of Houston-Downtown with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. More than a decade later, he earned a Ph.D. in leadership and change from Antioch University. Glynell also encourages colleagues to pursue education and has a demonstrated record of imparting its importance.

When he's not working to ensure public safety and build community connections, Glynell enjoys audiobooks, traveling, and spending time with family. He is an active member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the Texas Police Chief's Association, the National Organization for Black Law Enforcement Executives, and the Combined Law Enforcement Association of Texas. He also volunteers with Meals on Wheels and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

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